A Complementary Therapy For Premature Ejaculation is Available

a complementary therapy for premature ejaculation is

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a sexual disorder that affects many men. It can have a detrimental effect on the quality of intercourse and on the relationship between the man and his partner. There are a variety of effective treatments available. Some treatments focus on the physical symptoms of PE while others address psychological factors that lead to the condition.

Behavioral therapies can help to treat PE, and can be especially useful in combination with other treatment strategies. These strategies can involve modifying the rigid sexual repertoires of the man and his partner, as well as surmounting any barriers to intimacy. They can also help to diminish performance anxiety and decrease the negative effects of the snowball effect that can result from PE.

In addition, a number of psychological therapies can help to improve the man’s ability to control ejaculation. These include cognitive therapy and psychodynamic therapy. These therapists use a variety of techniques to examine the distortions in the man’s thinking, and to address the burden that the dysfunction places on the man.

There are a number of pharmacological therapies for PE, such as tricyclic antidepressants and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. They are mainly used to help with depression and to prevent ejaculation in the case of primary PE. They are also sometimes used to treat secondary PE. Taking medication should only be considered after other treatment options have failed.

A complementary therapy for PE is the combination of a drug and psychotherapy. This is often twice as effective as the drug alone, and provides the man with behavioral techniques to delay ejaculation and reduce its negative impact. The goal of this therapy is to provide the man with a better understanding of his own behavior and his own sexuality, while at the same time providing the man with a set of techniques for delayed ejaculation. These techniques can be implemented after a short period of six weeks. After this initial period, the drug can be weened.

Another alternative is to try topical anesthetics. These products can be applied to the penis before sex. Some men have reported that they have decreased penile sensitivity in as little as five minutes of using these products. Other interventions can include a vaginal ring or cream to increase the amount of estrogen in the body.

A complementary therapy for PE should focus on both the primary cause and the secondary causes of PE. The first cause should be treated, such as hyperthyroidism or an infection of the prostate gland. The second cause, as with the primary, may be a psychological problem. For example, a man with PE may be preoccupied with his own sexual performance, and fear that his partner will have an affair or that his vagina will cause harm to her.

Psychological treatments can be very helpful in the management of PE, and are especially helpful for subjective PE. These treatments address the burden of the disorder on the man, as well as the emotional and interpersonal issues that arise as a result. These treatments also address the negative personal consequences of PE, such as diminished self-esteem.

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