Body Art San Diego

Body Art San Diego

Body art is a form of artistic expression that renews the ancient tradition of human skin’s coloring. Thanks to this painting, the body acquires a new personality; it becomes a different form of expression.

This type of temporary art is used in various ways. First of all, on a personal level, many people use body art to make an impact on a special occasion such as a themed party or some event (A Comic-Con, for example). On the other hand, the body Paint is an extraordinary way to come out of the mold in an advertising campaign, a portfolio or a corporate show.

Body Art: The Sky is The Limit

As with tattoos, there are no limits to what can be done with this type of decoration. It all depends on your imagination and the artist’s experience. It is a form of expression in every sense, where the artist will seek to capture your vision through coloring techniques.

The Canvas

Of course, the canvas for body art is a person. The painting can be partial or total, and the canvas depends on what you want to do. In case you want to do it for yourself, consider besides your objective the different styles and tendencies (ask the artist to advise you). Also, you must keep in mind three fundamental aspects:

  1. The tonality of your skin
  2. The size of body painting
  3. The area of the body you want to cover

If you’re going to use body painting for advertising or artistic purposes, the canvases will depend on the objectives for which you want to make body arts. It is essential that you define what you want to achieve. You must also indicate to the artist if the sample will be photographic, live or digital. If you would like more advice regarding body art in San Diego contact us; Body Art San Diego will be happy to assist you.


Another crucial aspect when making body art is the technique that the artist is going to use. Depending on the method and the experience of the painter will be the result you get. These are the primary methods:

  • Latex: it is one of the most straightforward With it, you can achieve sound quality relief effects. You must be careful that the canvas is not allergic to the material.
  • Sponge: the use of the sponge is frequent in the application of fluorescent paints. Before applying these shades, the skin usually has a base color.
  • Brush: the use of the brush technique is useful to make details, figures, and to border and fill spaces. This method requires a great experience on the part of the artist.
  • Airbrush: a compressed air gun is the one that pushes the paint towards the canvas. With this technique, you can obtain outstanding degraded and texture effects. If you have extraordinary artists like us, you will be able to achieve exceptional outcomes and results.

Count on the Best!

If you want to do a personal or corporate project and want to use body art in San Diego to achieve that extraordinary touch, we’re ready to help. We are the best community of innovative artists specializing in body art, and we are at your service. Let the experts at Body Art San Diego make your vision a reality. Contact us.

Body Art San Diego