Drug Addiction Treatment In Newport Beach

Drug Addiction Treatment In Newport Beach

While finding the best rehab might need a bit of research, your reward is top of the line treatment that can lead to a substance-free, healthier, and happier future. Different rehabs will offer a variety of treatment options for substance abuse. Since no two people are alike, the ideal rehab facility should be able to address the unique needs of the individual and use a multipronged treatment approach to achieve optimal results.

At Newport Beach Recovery Center, we can help you reclaim your life from addiction using our holistic drug addiction treatment in Newport Beach. Our rehab facility offers a comfortable, relaxing setting where we provide individualized support to help you live a fulfilling, healthy, drug-free life.

5 Tips to Help You Find the Drug Addiction Treatment that is Best for You or Your Loved One

Once you have taken the first step to seek help in one of the top-rated rehabilitation centers in Newport Beach, the next and equally important step is to find a good addiction treatment center in Newport Beach for you. Here are tips for finding the right rehab.

  1. Find Out if the Rehab Facility Offers Medical Detox

In some instances, withdrawal from drugs can be fatal. The top Newport Beach rehabs like ours will provide medically-assisted detox if necessary. This ensures you are healthy and safe to begin your drug addiction treatment.

  1. Availability of Adequate Treatment Programs

Your rehab of choice should have adequate treatment programs. NIDA (The National Institute on Drug Abuse) advises that a rehab facility should have:

Individualized care – No two individuals are alike. This means that treatment should be tailored to a person’s individual needs to enable one to return to their productive, healthy, drug-free life.

Evidence-based treatment programs – Treatment for drug addiction should use a cooker-approach. The best treatment plans comprise various well-researched treatment models and therapies.

  1. Program Duration

This is a key factor in the success of a treatment plan. The right amount of time spent in rehab will depend on an individual. That said, research links a longer stay with more positive results. If the rehab you are considering doesn’t have the option of long-term in-patient programs, you can continue care in an outpatient program or find one that offers long-term treatment.

  1. The Licensing and Credentials the Facility Has

When a rehab center is licensed and has a qualified, certified team, it means a credible, third-party organization oversees the treatment to make sure the facility maintains a high-quality standard of care. Licensing organizations can be nationwide or state-specific and include the DHCS (Department of Health Care Services).

  1. Support Services

The top Newport Beach drug and alcohol rehabs offer continuum care to help prevent a relapse. At Newport Beach Recovery Center, we provide the option of sober living homes, which ensure a smooth transition into society. We also offer Alumni Support Groups to help you maintain sobriety.

There is Help

Based on your thorough assessment, our team of specialists will design a treatment plan tailored for you. With time, your addiction treatment in Newport Beach will evolve as your needs change. Your treatment plan will entail a combination of evidence-based approaches—modern, traditional, and holistic to help you recover fully. Contact Newport Beach Recovery Center to speak with an accredited addiction treatment professional and get the help you need for yourself or your loved one before it is too late: 1-855-316-8740.