How to Minimize the Appearance of a Breast Reduction Scar

does breast reduction leave a scar

If you have undergone breast reduction surgery, you may have noticed a visible scar. This can be embarrassing, and it can make you self conscious. However, there are ways to minimize the appearance of your scars. You can contact a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist to find out how to best treat your breast reduction scar.

The type of incision that was used during the procedure can affect the severity of your scar. This includes the length of the scar and the color. For example, an incision made along the crease of the breast is less noticeable than an incision that is placed along the areola.

Regardless of the type of incision used, the scar will be red and pink for the first few days. It will then change to a darker, more pronounced colour as it heals. This can occur as soon as a few months after your surgery. This is because the skin will have less protection from UV rays.

During the initial weeks after the surgery, it is important to keep your incision dry and avoid stressing it. Heat can aggravate the wound and stop it from healing. You should also use a softening cream that will help hydrate the area. It’s best to apply the cream daily for at least two weeks. If your doctor recommends, you can begin doing gentle exercise after a few weeks.

You can also use anti-bacterial lotions to prevent infection. You can also try using steri-strips to hold your incision together and promote proper healing. These dressings are available over the counter. You can use these for at least two weeks after the surgery.

You can also lighten the appearance of your scars with a bleaching cream. These products work well by dissolving the top layers of your skin. If you are using a bleaching cream, it is important to avoid sunlight for at least six months after the surgery. This can prevent premature aging.

You can also use silicone sheets to help keep your incisions moist and hydrated. This will reduce irritation and itching. You should wear the silicone sheet for at least four to six weeks after your surgery. You can also use Embrace dressings for incisions after the surgery. These are available over the counter and can be worn for up to a year.

You can also use a chemical peel to help lighten the appearance of your scars. This can be done several times depending on the type of scar you have. You can also try a laser scar removal process. Surgical scars can be reshaped and flattened.

You can also consider getting a tan. However, you should not go out in the sun without a sunscreen. It is also important to wear high factor sunscreen. The sun’s rays can also darken the new scar tissue. You should also be careful to not overexpose your scar to the sun.

It is not uncommon to have a scar after having a breast reduction surgery. It will take time for the scar to heal. Some women experience a raised scar, which is a hypertrophic scar. A hypertrophic scar is a thick scar that has been created by abnormal healing.

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