Mental Health Facilities California

Mental Health Facilities California

When you or a loved one has been impacted by trauma, the road to recovery can be difficult. It takes help from compassionate and experienced mental health facilities in California to address and resolve the original trauma. Such a facility understands how to assist people who have had these types of traumas in their past and guide them to healing.

Understanding Trauma

Trauma is a distressing situation that results in physical or emotional harm. Many different situations may cause trauma such as physical accidents, natural disasters, violence, war, relationships and medical diagnoses. Relational trauma can be the result of verbal or sexual abuse or the loss of a loved one. Car accidents and falls can cause trauma. If you are involved in a flood, earthquake or hurricane you might be traumatized. Victims or witnesses of violent crimes can feel trauma and those who have been in combat also could have trauma.

There are often both immediate and long-term effects of a traumatic experience. Some of the emotions that people experience may include shock, denial, disorientation, panic, dissociation and trouble sleeping. Sometimes a person is unable to keep thoughts of the traumatic situation out of their minds. Everyone experiences trauma differently. That is why mental health facilities in California need to customize treatment plans to accommodate each person.

Treatment for Trauma

The effects of trauma are not likely going to go away on their own. Someone who experienced trauma needs to seek help from one of the mental health facilities in California. There are two main types of programs that are available. These include outpatient and residential programs.

Outpatient trauma treatment programs provide various options. The day treatment program offers five hours of therapy, five times a week. A total of 22 hours are spent in individual therapy while 3 hours are spent in group therapy. Therapy may include a variety of treatments such as brainspotting, Somatic, mindfulness, yoga, movement, acupuncture, art, massage and neurofeedback.

The intensive outpatient program includes two options with either 15 or 9 hours of therapy per week. You may opt for one of these programs that best fits your schedule. Programs are customized to create a therapeutic plan that best suits your individual needs.

Residential trauma treatment is also available from mental health facilities in California.  Residential care is best for those who are unable to function adequately on their own. The facility is the ideal alternative to hospital care.

Those who are in residential programs will receive 16 hours of individual care and 17 hours of group therapy each week. Families are encouraged to participate and provide support. Families may attend a 90-minute group session each week where families and their loved one can attend together.

Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Center offers high quality, compassionate treatment for those who are suffering the effects of trauma. Our programs, therapies and skilled staff provide you with a way to resolve your trauma so you can live life to the fullest. Contact us today to learn more about our facility.

Mental Health Facilities California